Needed Supplies For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Needed Supplies For Your Goldendoodle PuppyYou know the old saying: “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” Of course, shopping for the fuzziest and cutest member of the family can make anyone go a wee bit overboard. Check out the following list of items to purchase for your new Goldendoodle pup and see which items speak to you. Make a priority shopping list; remember, you don’t have to get everything all in one trip!

Copious Amounts of Love and Attention

The number one needed supply for your new Doodle puppy is: love and affection of course!

General Items For Your Puppy’s Well-being

  • Paper Towels: purchasing them by bulk quantities may be your most economical option.
  • Baby Gate: protecting your pooch from tumbling down the stairs is important. Check baby supply stores and seek out second hand options. Note the spacing between the bars to ensure your puppy will not get caught accidentally.
  • Acrylic Nail File: for helping keep puppy’s nails smooth.
  • Cotton Balls: ideal for wiping eyes and cleaning ears.
  • Crate: for crate training and travel familiarity.
  • Bitter Apple: taste deterrent for chewing, licking or biting
  • Nylon Collar with Plastic Clasp: aim for 25 to 35 cm or 10″ to 14″ for medium to standard Goldendoodle puppies; mini Doods will take a smaller size
  • Pet Identification Tag: name, phone number and address
  • Pet Tracking Device: you can get simple light up models to the more expensive options equipped with GPS and unlimited range. These specialized collars are handy if you reside in remote area. Similarly, they can save the day if your dog constantly wanders into the neighbors yard during it’s night time potty break or if you live in a crowded location.
  • Pooper Scooper
  • Pet Poop Bags
  • Enzyme stain remover and neutralizer for carpet and upholstery
  • Water Dish and Food Bowl: ceramic or stainless steel are the healthiest options and easiest to clean.
  • Dog Bed/blanket
  • Container with fitted lid for food storage

Treats and Food

  • Puppy Food: try to get the same food as the breeder was using if it is a healthy choice in order to minimize tummy troubles.
  • Training Treats: go for healthy and natural options like dehydrated salmon or dehydrated chicken. Tiny and soft choices such as hotdogs, cheese pieces and homemade treats make good options.

Needed Supplies For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Toys and Best Chew Options

  • squeaky rubber balls
  • dehydrated cow ears
  • rope toys
  • stuffed animals with squeakers
  • toys designed to hide treats inside
  • bully sticks
  • cow tendons

Some people purchase children’s stuffed animals from the local thrift store just for their puppy’s to destroy. If you decide to opt for this route; inspect your potential chew toy carefully. Avoid hard plastic eyes and noses that could turn into a choking hazard if your puup is able to gnaw it off.

Grooming Choices

  • puppy shampoo
  • slicker brush or pin brush
  • curved blade pet scissors with blunt tips
  • oral hygiene kit
  • grooming spray
  • puppy conditioner
  • pliers-model nail clippers that have a built-in nail guard
  • Blood Stop Powder or the herb Sage on hand will staunch bleeding if you accidently cut the quick of the nail.

Training Resources

  • Visit your local library and discover a myriad of books and DVDs on puppy training tips.
  • Order online, download to your e-reader or visit your favorite bookstore for some puppy training guides.
  • Purchase a bell and hang close to your back door (from the closet knob or back door handle) This will help you both with house training as the puppy will be able to alert you when he has to relieve himself.

Find a Reputable Veterinarian

Ensuring your new bundle of joy has all of his shots and is healthy is the responsible thing to do. Maintain regular checkups to be proactive in your puppy’s health. Consider making an appointment for a microchip implant or a tattoo if you desire more security than a traditional dog collar can offer.

Look Into Local Obedience Classes

Do your homework and find out when and where obedience classes are being held in your area. Often these classes can take limited numbers. To ensure you save a spot, call and inquire. Find out what you will be covering in the course, how long the trainer has been conducting classes and what the cost will be.

Consider asking your vet or your pet supply store for a recommendation if the options in your area are numerous or scarce. Word of mouth is a great way to discover where friends, family or co-workers recently took their dog.

Recommended Puppy Breeder

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